Sheetrock is a brand name that is trademarked by USG corporation. It is a common or standard name for drywall panels.

Are you looking for gypsum panels or a company to install them? Click here to see our guide in selecting a portland drywall company to either do the work or get you the materials.


Installing and finishing gypsum panels can take time and hard work. Having a professional company do the install can save you time on your schedule and achieve a outstanding finish. A lot of "do-it-your-selfers" skip the drywall process, and hire it out.

If you are looking to purchase sheetrock panels, check your local hardware store or contact a portland drywall company. If you have a large project, you will want to contact a drywall company. They can arrange a professional stocking company to deliver the materials. The also can purchase them for you at a discount (if they do a large volume or work). Gypsum panels need care when delivering. It is easy to damage them and cause a lot of addtional repair work.

Where Do They Make The Sheetrock?

For the Northwest, most if not all of our raw materials come from gypsum mines in Mexico. It is quarried and then moved by barge up the pacific ocean to manufacturing facilities in Washington. Then they assemble the raw materials and make the drywall. From there, it is moved by semi-truck and rail, to supply houses located through out the Northwest.

Have You Used The New Light Weight Sheetrock?

USG recently came out with a new gypsum board. It is up to 30% lighter than previous versions! Drywall installers everywhere are loving this new product. There are many benefits of using the new board. You can save on dump fees and recycle fees by 30% or so. Less wear and tear on your body and equipment. If you deliver the material, you save on fuel. So far they only have 1/2" panels. Soon they are planning on making a 5/8" version and a fire-rated version.

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