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There are three different types of residential portland drywall contractors. Remodel, Repair, and New Construction. Some companies master all three areas of the residential market, but most do not. In this section we will look at the criteria of each area and what to look for.


The best residential portland drywall repair contractors can blend the old with the new. We all have seen bad work. It is very visible. A great patch is one that you never notice, even though you know that it is there! When you interview your residential portland drywall contractor, make sure to ask them about their patching methods. Ask them about their process in how they blend old surfaces with the new. If you have a area that gets a lot of light that shines across it, you will need to skim the entire connected surface. Otherwise the patch will "flash" or show after you paint it.

What about house repairs or a wall repair? If your house has plaster, instead of drywall, you need a contractor that specializes in plaster house repairs. Are you interested in DIY drywall repairs?


All of the same rules of the repair section apply to the remodel section. You really need to insist that your residential portland drywall company skim coats all of the tie-in work. This is one of the most common mistakes. The added expense is very minimal if you weigh in the long term benefits. If you have to look at bad or improper work each and every day as you move about your house, it will haunt you. Most often you can add on some skimming for a few hundred dollars. This will help you with your resale value. No one wants a house that looks like it was patched together.

What about bath remodeling projects? Your guide here.

Typically, the most common areas to have problems are ceiling transitions. This is where you have a existing surface being matched up with a new one. Like an addition or if a portion of a existing ceiling gets removed. If the existing ceiling is not skim coated, you may see the transition from the existing to the new ceiling.

Always ask you residential Portland drywall contractor about their crew size. There are a lot of one man crews running around. This is ok, it you have a few sheets. What if your job has more than a few sheets? For example, a job that has twenty to thirty sheets will take a one man crew two to three weeks. A company that has specialized crews (installers, finishers, and texturer) can knock the same job out in four to six days. A huge difference. Especially if your construction financing expense is $15 to $30 dollars a day. Extra days or weeks add up quickly!

New Construction

Crew size for new construction is very important. Each and every day counts. If your construction financing expense is $30 to $60 dollars a day. Extra days or weeks add up quickly! How many days should you budget for new construction? A house that has up to 2,500 sq. ft. should take 8 to 10 working days (with adequate heat). For houses over 2,500 sq. ft. you will want to budget 10 to 12 working days (with adequate heat). I just mentioned "adequate heat". What is that? What does it mean, adequate heat?

Qualified patch and repair crews are mandatory! What happens if your electrician forgets to set your can light or electrical fixture in the right area and has to move it after the drywall is finished? You need a quality patch and repair person to fix it. Always ask your residential portland drywall contractor about their patch and repair crews. How many repair crews do they have? How many years of experience do they have? Do they have references or examples of their work? These are all questions you will want to ask before you hire your residential portland drywall contractor.

Proper Planning Always Pays Off

Most mistakes in the construction process comes from improper planning. If you have ever managed a remodel (as a homeowner or as a contractor) you know that if you do not have a plan, or some idea of the process, a lot of problems can pop up. Whether your project is a custom home, remodel, commercial, or just repair work. Make sure you spend time with the contractors that you hire before any work is done. Go over the schedule, and factor in all the issues.

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