When it comes to drywall remodel construciton, the tie-in work is extremely important. You really need to make sure that all of the tie-in work gets skim coated. This is one of the most common mistakes made during remodeling construction.

Skim Coat

When you skim coat, the added expense is very minimal, especially if you weigh in the long term benefits. If you have to look at bad or improper work each and every day as you move about your house, it will haunt you. Most often you can add on some skimming for a few hundred dollars. This will help with your resale value. No one wants a house that looks like it was patched together.

Typically on a remodel, the most common areas to have problems are ceiling transitions. This is where you have a existing surface being matched up with a new one. Like an addition or if a portion of a existing ceiling gets removed. If the existing ceiling is not skim coated, you may see the transition from the existing to the new ceiling.

Framing Inspection

Always inspect the framing before you start the drywall installation. Some drywall companies will install over bad framing. Why do they do this? So they can charge you to fix it! Watch out for this bad business practice! A quality Portland drywall company will always inspect the framing and point out any areas that will cause quality issues.

How do you perform a framing inspection? What are the steps?

Crew Size

Always ask about their crew size. There are a lot of one man crews running around. This is ok, it you have a few sheets. What if your job has more than a few sheets? For example, a job that has twenty to thirty sheets will take a one man crew two to three weeks. A company that has specialized crews (installers, finishers, and texture crews) can knock the same job out in four to six days. A huge difference. Especially if your construction financing expense is $15 to $30 dollars a day. Extra days or weeks add up quickly!

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