Popcorn Texture

Modern popcorn texture comes is several differents sizes (aggregate). If you are patching an old popcorn ceiling, you will need to take that into account before you purchase your texture. How do Portland drywall companies apply this texture?

popcorn texture popcorn texture

Here is how you apply the texture:

  1. Popcorn Texture Mud. Match up the aggregate, to make sure you have the right size. This texture needs to adsorb a lot of water before you can spray it. It needs to soak. Mix up a bucket of it and let it sit. Let it sit a few hours prior to application. Paddle it up right before you spray, as it is going to seperate out in the bucket.
  2. Drywall Hopper and Air Compressor. Make sure you have a large spray tip on your hopper as the texture can clog up on you.
  3. Masking. You will want to cover all the floors and walls prior to spray. This type of texture will get everywhere. Make sure you wear a hat and I reccomend a spray sock to keep from wearing a lot of the texture.
  4. Even Texture. This texture can be layered. Keep spraying and overlapping the texture until you achieve the desired finish.
  5. Other Tips and Tricks. If you are patching an existing ceiling, make sure your edges are scraped back farther than your patch. This is the #1 area where you will be able to see your repair, the edges. If you scrape it back and apply enough texture, you will get a good blend.

After you complete the popcorn texture, make sure it is very dry before applying any paint. Usually it will be dry after 24 to 48 hours.

heavy hand texture

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