Machine Brocade Texture

Machine brocade texture is a sprayed finish that is applied with either a small hand held hopper or a larger spray machine. It can very in size and thickness. The middle of the road size is commonly referred to as "quarter, nickel, dime." This refers to the size of the texture areas that are trawled.

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The picture above is a machine brocade texture that was applied with a large commercial spray machine. You can very the texture size and get a large "dot" or a smaller size. This texture is very common in most new construction that is being built today. How do the portland drywall contractors apply it?

  1. Drywall Texture Mud. Most of the professionals use a bag mix. They have a large commercial spray rig that can mix up anywhere from 75 gallons (small rig) up to 500 gallons (large rig). There are some boxes of pre-mixed texture mud. You can pick up a drywall texture mud at your local hardware store. If you have a small job, or have not mixed a powder based mud before, you will want to get the pre-mixed mud.

  2. Spray Rig or Hopper. The professionals will use a spray machine to apply machine brocade texture. You will need to get a drywall texture hopper and a air compressor. The air compressor will break up the drywall texture mud as it passes through the hopper. Becareful not to thin down your texture mud to much. If your mix is too thin, the texture will not have much body when you spray it. Also, it will break up too easily when you spray it. The key is to spray some samples on a extra piece of drywall. You can adjust the amount of air pressure and the mix of the texture mud.

  3. Knockdown Trawl or Knife. There are plastic trawls and metal trawls you can use to "knockdown" the texture you sprayed. You will want to let the mud set up before you trawl it. With machine brocade texture, you can affect the thickness or appearance of the texture by trawling it early or late. The muds are formulated to dry or set up from the back (closest to the drywall) to the tips or front of the mud (the area you will trawl). When the mud has set up and is just right, you will knock it down with a trawl. The plastic trawls are easier to use than the metal ones. They have more flex in their blade. The key is to trawl a small area first and then if it is ready, you can trawl the rest of the surface. Often the machine brocade texture is ready to be trawled within 15 minutes of spraying it. You will want to spray out the entire surface before you trawl. When you trawl, make sure you trawl the ceiling in the same direction. This will keep all the texture going in the same direction. Otherwise you will get a swirl pattern or inconsistency's in the texture.

  4. Temperature, Humidity and Airflow will affect when the machine brocade texture can be trawled. If you open a window or turn the heat on, the mud will set up sooner than later. Be mindful of these factors. Some areas will set up faster than others. If the texture dries up on you before you can trawl it, you will need to sand it to knock it down. That is the last resort, but you do have that option.

After you complete the application of the machine brocade texture you will want to let it dry. After it is dry, usually 24 to 48 hours, it is time to check sand. Use a sand pole or a small hand sander (150 grit) to remove any edges or any mud that is left over from the trawling process.

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orange peel texture

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