Knockdown Drywall Texture

There are different variations of knockdown drywall texture. There is machine brocade knockdown and hand brocade knockdown. Both of these textures are created by trawling the drywall mud or knocking it down after the mud is applied.

To create a hand brocade knockdown drywall texture, you need a few tools.
Here is the list:

How To Apply Hand Brocade Knockdown Drywall Texture

Mix up your texture mud in one of the empty buckets. Add one to two cups of water to the mix. You can always add more water if you do not get the consistency you like. The same is with the mud. You can always add more mud to the mix if it is too thin.

Use the 6 inch knife to scoop out some mud onto your drywall hawk. Use the two drywall hawks to mash up the mud. As you pull the drywall hawks away from each other, it will create a pattern. Using the top hawk, apply the drywall texture mud to the ceiling. Each time you apply some drywall mud, turn the hawk. You will want to create a random pattern. If you apply it in a random pattern, it will more uniform after you are finished. One of the common mistakes from new applicators, is to repeat the same pattern or apply the texture in rows. Avoid this!

Keep applying the knockdown drywall texture to the ceiling. Before you trawl, you will want to cover the entire connected surface. When you have the ceiling covered with your texture, then you can start the trawling process.

Trawl in the same direction. Start in the corner and walk in straight lines as you trawl. Be sure to overlap the edges of the knockdown trawl. Use some of the mud on the trawl's edge to create a border around the room. Each time you make a pass, clean the front and backside of the trawl. This will keep your edges clean.

There are many different varieties of knockdown drywall texture you can create by changing the application process. You can cover the drywall hawk with plastic, and this will create a different pattern. Some finishers use a balled up piece of paper with plastic over it as a application tool. The possibilities are endless. The key is to make the pattern random and avoid repeating the same patterns.

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