House Repairs

For plaster house repairs, you need to make sure that your contractor knows how to use hot mud. Why do they need to know this? Hot mud is a chemically setting compound, unlike regular muds, which have to air dry. Hot mud also, has plaster like qualities. Most plaster contractors, use hot mud when they repair old plaster. Also, hot mud does not shrink like regular mud, which helps with deep repairs.

You will want to make sure that the work is completed in a quality way. You will want to review the quality control section of the site to make sure you understand what a quality house repair is.

After the repair is complete, you will want to seal the repair prior to applying your top coat of paint. Hot mud can react with most top coats. You definitely want to seal it prior to applying the top coat. If you are not painting the repair yourself, ask your drywall contractor if they can paint the repair. This will save you time, having one contractor to deal with instead of two.

DIY - Drywall House Repairs

For the adventurous DIY'ers out there, small drywall repairs are very easy to do. Most professional drwyall repair contractors will charge your a minimum for the smallest of repairs. If you want to save some money, and tackle the small repairs yourself, check out: Repair Drywall


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