Hand Brocade Texture

Hand brocade textures comes in several different shapes and sizes. How do Portland drywall companies apply this type of texture? This type of texture is applied by hand with drywall hawks, and then trawled. Here is a picture of it:

Paint (over the texture)
Paint (under the texture)
hand brocade texture hand brocade texture

As you can see, both of the textures above are the same, but one has paint over it, and the other was painted and then the texture was applied. It is an "open" texture. This is also called a "two tone" finish.

This hand brocade texture was applied with two drywall hawks. The 1st hawk was covered in plastic (4 mi poly). The 2nd hawk did not have any poly.

Here is how you apply the texture:

  1. Texture Mud. Make sure you mix it up with a drill, and mixing paddle. Leave the mud thick. Do not add more than a minimal amount of water. Enough to mix up the mud (we are not thinning the mud, just whipping it up).
  2. Drywall Hawks And Drywall Knockdown Knife. Make sure you have two drywall hawks, and one metal bladed knockdown knife.
  3. Application. Using a 6" drywall knife, scoop out some of the drywall texture mud (from your bucket) and place it on the hawk (without plastic). About 8 to 10 ounces. With the other hawk (with plastic), stomp them together. Pull them apart at a angle. There will be some drywall mud on the top hawk (with plastic). Turn it over and stomp it on the ceiling.
  4. Stomp. Repeat this process, of adding mud, pulling them apart, and stomping. Each time you pull the hawks apart, turn the top hawk 1/4 turn and then stomp. This will help you keep your pattern random. Avoid making the same pattern. The key to successful hand brocade texture is to keep it random.
  5. Trawl. After you have stomped out your room, it is time to knock it down with your metal trawl. Apply even pressure to the blade, as you trawl the room. Walk in straight lines, and avoid circular motions. If you trawl in circles, it will create a swirl pattern on the ceiling. Avoid this! It is the mark of a amateur! Clean the back of your blade on each pull. This will keep your edges clean.

After you complete the hand brocade texture, make sure it is very dry before applying any paint. Usually it will be dry after 24 to 48 hours.

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