Drywall Taping Knives

Every drywall finisher needs a basic set of drywall taping knives. You definitely need a 6" knife and a 10" knife. It is helpful to have a 12" knife for floating out wide butt joints.

You can make do with 10" drywall taping knives, but if you are going to finish drywall on regular basis, a 12" or 14" knife is very handy.

Make sure you select a hammer head 6" knife. If you have to set any nails or screws, you can use the hammerhead instead of carrying a separate hammer with you.

When it comes to the hard or flexible steel, drywall taping knives, go with the flexible. I always select a soft steel blade, as they are lighter and easier to handle.

Also, they work better if you have to float the mud.

The hard steel drywall taping knifes do not flex. They don't work well for floating.

The flexible steel knives have a blue blade. The hard steel knives are stainless steel.

If you are going to wipe down tape, a 8" knife is great.

You can get by with a 6" or 10" for this action, but the 8" knife is the preferred tool.

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