Drywall Sizes

What are the drywall sizes you need for your job? It depends on several factors and you need to consider them all before you purchase any materials. Drywall is heavy and comes in different lengths and widths.

1/4" Drywall weight about 1.2 pounds per square foot. 3/8" Drywall weighs about 1.4 pounds per square foot. 1/2" Drywall weighs about 1.6 pounds per square foot. 5/8" Drywall weighs about 2.2 pounds per square foot.

The standard drywall lengths are 8 foot to 14 foot long (8 foot and 12 foot materials are more common, but you can special order other lengths). 1/2" and 5/8" are also available in 54" widths. The 54" width drywall is for 9 foot walls.

Is your project on the main floor or an upper floor? When selecting your drywall size, you will want to factor this in. If you have a professional drywall company stocking your job, they will want to use a boom truck to stock the materials. If you are stocking the materials yourself, you will want to check the stairwell and see if you can get 8ft or 12ft drywall up it.

Are you installing the drywall? If you are installing the drywall, you will want to check the drywall panel sizes before you order the material. Use the guide above to calculate the weight of the drywall panels. There is a bid difference between 8ft material and 12ft material, as well as the thickness of the material.

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