Drywall Sand Pole

A staple for every finsher, the drywall sand pole. There are several different types of heads you can put on a standard drywall sand pole.

The round head and the standard square head.

The round head is great for sanding quickly (it will not flop over on you) but it does not get into the back of the angle very well.

The flat or standard head is great for sanding angles, and everything else. The only downside, is that there is a learning curve. It is easy to flop the head over and cause more touch up.

What ever head you pick out, make sure you get a wood or aluminum drywall sand pole.

I prefer to use an aluminum or fiberglass extension pole to sand with. If you have high areas, you can extend it out to reach them.

They are more durable than the standard wood poles, and you can use them to paint with. Gotta love dual use!

You can use regular sand paper. It will work well for small amounts of sanding.

If you have a large job that requires a lot of sanding, you will want to use screen instead.

I prefer using a screen for all of my smooth wall jobs.

The sanding screens are better, as the will allow the dust to fall thru or out and not clog the surface.

Make sure to get some sanding sponges.

They are very handing when sanding bullnose metal.

The corner sander comes in hand when you need to reach areas where the sand pole will not reach. Or if you have a round sand pole head, and need to get into the back of the angle.

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