Drywall Panel Lift

drywall panel liftDrywall panel lifts, there are many different brands and types to choose from.

They are not hard to use. Most non-professional's can get the hang of them without a lot of use.

Some drywall installers will use a drywall panel lift, as it saves their back.

It does take more time than having a 2nd person on the other end of the sheet. But if you are a one man show, it will work perfectly.

Drywall Panel Lift & Light Weight Drywall

Now that light weight sheetrock or gypsum board is out on the market, using a lift is even easier for a novice. With the lite rock, you can hang even more pieces in a day by yourself. It takes longer to get tired. My productivity went up by 10% in a day! Combine a lift with lite-gyp. It works!

I have done the research on which panel lifts work and which ones do not. I have actually returned a few of them after purchase. Some are not built very well. Here is where you can get the best price and value:

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drywall panel lift

With this amazing lift, you can install drywall on 11ft ceilings.

For a vaulted ceiling (angled/sloped) you can angle the rock upto 15ft!

This is the best drywall hoist!

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