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When you are looking for a drywall company, you will notice that they all claim the be the best. If they all are the "best" then why do I see so much bad work?

The Truth About Drywall Companies!

Guess what..... They are not all the best! In fact, there are not very many contractors that are any good at all! Why do I say this? I have seen a lot of work over the years, and the situation is scary. Scary?

The price point that a drywall company has to come in at does not leave any room for error. Especially now, with the turn in the economy. There are more companies popping up each and every day. Each time one large drywall company goes out of business, 10 more pop up!

The employees of these failing contractors start new businesses. Usually, these are key employees, that have a high skill level in one aspect of the business. That is one of the problems. It takes a very skilled tradesman that understands all the phases of drywall construction. That is the foundation of a great drywall company.

So here it goes, year after year, the pool gets more and more shallow. That is why we see so much bad work. Its the system! How can we stop it?

Support Great Drywall Companies Who Do Great Work!

That is the key! The customer has to have due diligence and make sure that they are only hiring the best. How can you get the best at a reasonable price? Won't this cost me more?

You can get the best drywall company for a reasonable price. Here is how:

Get Three Quotes

It all starts in the bidding process. Get three quotes from high quality companies. These are companies that are know for doing the best work. Ask around, as these type of contractors are always busy and have a good reputation. After you have atleast three quotes, you are ready to work on the price.

Are You Able To Mask And Clean Up?

After you get the numbers back, ask if you can do some of the work? A lot, if not all, of the drywall companies you have out to bid, will figure in $15 to $20 dollars an hour for masking and clean up. This type of work is not hard to do. Ask them to seperate it out and you can do the work! What if you do not want to do any of the work, or you are not able to do any of it?

Can You Match The Other Guy?

It does not hurt to ask the drywall company if they can match the other guy. Often, companies will match any legit quotes. They want the work!

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