Drywall Companies

When it comes to drywall companies, watch out! Not all of them are created equally.

There are some that specialize in residential drywall work, and have no idea on commercial finishing. Then you have some that specialize in commercial work, but are way to expensive for residential.

When you are looking for one, make sure to ask what area they specialize in. If the drywall company claims to specialize in the type of work you are looking for, ask them for references.

The economy is extremely slow for drywall companies, so they can and will tell you that they specialize in everything! Do your homework! Follow up on their references and make sure they qualify for your project.

Some companies will come in with a low price, so they get the work, and then break out the change orders. Claiming that "this" and "that" were not included. That they have to get a change order for work not covered in their scope or estimate.

Don't be fooled! Get it all in writing before they start your project. I have contracted 100's of projects. I always get it in writing! You should too!

Multiple Trades

When hiring, ask your drywall company if they can perform multiple trades. This will save you time when it comes to production. Some of the drywall contractors I hired would take over for me at insulation and give it back to me after they painted! I was able to go on vacation while they insulated, drywalled, and painted my project! That was great!

The only pitfall is that you must make sure that they can handle multiple trades.

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