Drywall Access Doors

Drywall access doors come in many different styles. A lot depends on the application you are looking for. Some are fire rated, but you may not need that. Often most customers want a drywall access door that is reasonable in cost and looks good.

Wall Applications

For wall applications, there are fiberglass, plastic and metal access doors. For areas that are in a closet or the garage, I prefer the plastic access door. They are the least expensive door. If you need one for a highly visible area, you will want to get a fiberglass or metal access door.

Ceiling Applications

For ceiling applications, you have several choices. Check the thickness of the drywall before you purchase. Some access doors are made for 1/2" or 5/8" drywall. The doors I like are the fiberglass "mud-in" panels. They blend right into the surrounding ceiling and you do not see them.

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