dry wall contractors

Dry Wall Contractors

Dry wall contractors! Can't live with them and can't live without them!

Maybe we could... but our ceilings and walls would not look good!

There sure are a lot of contractors running around claiming to know a thing or two about drywall.

How can you tell which company is legit? They all seem to be very similar...

Things To Consider When Looking For Dry Wall Contractors

Do they have an office? Are they working out of their truck? This may not seem like a issue, but if and when you have a problem, you will want to be able to track them down. If you give them money down, and they do not show up, you will want to find them.

Do they have any employees? If so, do they carry workers compensation insurance? This is very important! If one of the workers on you home gets hurt, and the company you hire does not have workers compensation, you could be liable for their loss. This is very serious, so you will want to make sure that they carry all the necessary work comp insurance.

Subcontractors? Did they hire any? What happens if they dont get paid?

Guess what! If they hire a sub and do not pay them, the sub could file a lien on your property.

Make sure you ask them if they are hiring any subcontractors.

With the state of the economy, your dry wall contractor could put you in a bad position. How can you protect yourself in this situation?

Always Pay Your Dry Wall Contractors With A Two-Party Check!

This is the easiest way to protect yourself. If any subs work on your project, cut the check in their name and the name of your dry wall contractor. This will ensure that everyone gets paid. Keep from paying twice! I have seen this happen, make sure it doesn't happen to you!

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