bathroom drywall

Bathroom Drywall

Selecting a bathroom drywall contractor or understanding which products you should for your bathroom remodel project, can be difficult. Besides the fact that bathroom and kitchen's are the most expensive types of remodels. What are the keys to a finish that lasts and looks good?

Greenboard Or Glass-Mat Bathroom Drywall?

For bathroom drywall remodel project, they require green board or glass-mat drywall panels. Green board has a water resistent covering. While it is water resistent, it is not water proof. It is not suitable for "wet" applications, like a tile backer (Hardibacker, or Wonderboard). It is suitable for damp applications, like a bathroom remodel project. But, the glass-mat panels are better for damp applications. They last longer, hold up better and offer mold and mildew resistance.


Greenboard (long time the bathroom drywall standard) has been around a long time and is the least expensive water resistent product. It does have its drawbacks, as it will break down over time if it is subject to constant moisture. Also, it requires extra framing for ceiling applications. Each manufacturer is a little different, but the common rule of thumb is that you need framing every 12 inches for 1/2" greenboard, and framing every 16 inches for 5/8" greenboard. If you do not follow the manufacture's recommendations, the drywall could fall down. The core of the board has more clay in it, and it does not hold the fasteners very well.

Glass-Mat Drywall

Glass-mat boards are new on the market. You can use them for ceiling applications. They hold up very well under constant moisture. Most manufactures will recommend them as a tile backer for most tile applications.

The glass-mat boards have a fiberglass coating on them, compared to greenboard, which has a face-paper. The fiberglass coating sheds moister extremely well. The downside is that the product is new, and carries a price premium.

My Preferences On Bathroom Drywall

When I am involved in any remodel or new construction projects and can give my input on which bathroom drywall product to use, I have definite opinions. Here is what I recommend.

Greenboard on all wet walls that are not going to be subject to constant moisture. If a bathroom has poor ventilation, I suggest using a glass-mat drywall product. I never recommend. green board on the ceiling. After installation, use a high quality sealer and a top coat that has a sheen. Semi-gloss paint or a paint product that can be scrubbed.

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