Asbestos Test Kit

asbestos test kit

Asbestos test kit's are needed before you remove any popcorn texture or disturb the popcorn texture on your ceiling.

Even if your texture does not have asbestos in it, you will want to wear a dust mask or respirator if you are going to remove it.

Always use an asbestos test kit or have a abatement contractor test the ceiling for asbestos before you remove any of the popcorn texture.

If the popcorn texture has not been painted (or painted with a flat paint), you can remove it by wetting it with water.

if it has been painted with a glossy paint, it is not going to come off (very easily). Overlay the ceiling with 1/2 inch ceiling board and then finish. I do not recomend using 1/4 inch drywall. Often the popcorn ceiling have waves or sag a little. The 1/4 inch drywall does not help with removing that. 1/2 inch CD is way better.

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