Demolition / Removing Drywall

Does your project require removing drywall or demolition? What should you consider before you start the process? Before you start removing any of the drywall or plaster, you need to make sure of a few items. Depending on when your house was built, you will need to run a few tests. What tests are these?

Asbestos. We all have seen the commercials for mesothelioma (rare type of lung cancer) that is linked to asbestos exposure. Asbestos has been around a very long time, but was used recently in almost all types of home construction. Consumer Product Safety Commission banned its use in 1977 for drywall products. Unfortunately, for other products, the US government did not act quickly enough and ban products containing asbestos until 1989. If you are removing drywall in your house or project and if it was built or remodeled before 1980, you will want to get an asbestos test kit. Ask your local Portland Drywall Company about asbestos testing.

Lead. This is the other area of concern if you are removing drywall. Lead paint was very common prior to 1980. It was banned in 1977, but like asbestos, there was a stockpile of product that was used up after the ban date. If you suspect that your house or project has lead paint, you will want to get a lead test kit. Your contractor will need to be lead certified if they are going to disturb any surfaces or materials that contain lead. You can check to see if your Portland Drywall Contractor is lead certified by checking their license at the CCB. Make sure you are working with a lead certified contractor when removing drywall.

Ok, you have tested your drywall or paint surface and made sure that you do not have lead or asbestos. Now you are almost ready to start the demolition process. Almost? Yes, almost. If you are removing the ceiling, do you have blow-in insulation? If you have a small area, you can deal with a small amount of insulation that will fall down. If you are removing a ceiling in a large room or the entire house, you will want to get it extracted. Check with your portland drywall contractor to see if they have a extraction machine. This will make the process much easier, as when you remove the ceiling, the insulation will get everywhere. Clean up is very difficult.

You have tested and extracted any blow-in insulation. What is next? What tools do you need if you are removing drywall?

This is the best part. You do not need very many tools. You can use a utility knife, and a hammer. Use the knife to score the drywall into smaller pieces. After you pull some of the areas off of the wall, you can cut them up. Use the hammer to pound in or pull out any left over screws or nails.

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