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This portland drywall reference guide will help you separate the legit companies from the rest. Do not be fooled by bogus references! What should you ask? What should you look for?

Work In Progress

Ask to see three different jobsites that are in progress. When you are in the selection process, you will want to look at jobsites that are similar to yours. If you job is a remodel, new construction, or commercial, you will want to see a similar job.

Also, you will want to look at jobsites with the same level of finish. This is very important when you are selecting a contractor for smooth finish. A lot of portland drywall companies will claim the ability to perform smooth finish, but the proof is in their work.

The other reason you want to see work in progress, is to inspect the following: Masking, Clean Up, and Quality Of Work.

Work That Is Complete

Next you are going to review three different jobsites that are complete. This maybe difficult if the type of work that you are looking for is remodel or repair work. The homeowners of these type of jobsite may not want outsiders walking through their house.

All companies that are busy will have jobs that have recently finished. Even if it is a remodel, take time to go to some jobsites. Ask the drywall contractor to meet you there to walk you through it.

This will give you an opportunity to speak with the homeowner or general contractor about the portland drywall contractor you are reviewing. Ask them about the quality of work, how much time the contractor took to do their job, and if they had any issues.

Portland Drywall References That You Can Call Or E-mail

Call or email three or more of the portland drywall references that they provide. Ask for a list that you can pick from. This will keep the company honest. If they only give you two or three references, they could be friends or family.

Most, if not all legit companies have a website. Their Portland drywall references should be listed there, where you can inspect them.

After you have checked their references, you really need to understand all the areas of quality control.

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