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drywall licenseDoes your contractor have a license? All portland drywall contractors doing work in the State of Oregon must have one. When you get an estimate, ask for their contractor number. They are required by the State to post this number on their estimates and their business cards. This will save you time when you are searching for them. If you do not have a number, you can also search by their name or phone number. To start a CCB lsearch click here.

After conducting a search you will want to understand several key issues that will have a big impact on your job. Do they have employees? Is their general liability insurance up to date? Do they have workers compensation?

Exempt or Non-Exempt? What does that mean?

The "exempt" class consists of business entities that do not have employees and is not subject to workers' compensation coverage. The "non-exempt" class consists of business entities that have workers subject to workers' compensation.

How do you check to see if a business has workers compensation insurance?Make sure your drywall company has workers compensation insurance. If someone is injured on your job site and they do not have the proper insurance, you could be liable for the compensation claim. This is very scary, so you will want to make sure they have the proper insurance.

General Liability Insurance.

Mistakes happen, and they happen all the time. I have heard the same story over and over again. Often a contractor will damage the property or some of the contents that have a value that is more than their contract price. This is a bad position to be in.

For example, you hire a drywall contractor to repair some ceilings for a contract value of $500. They come in to do the repairs and dump a bucket of water, destroying your hardwood floors. You get an estimate for the floors and the price to fix them is $2,000.

Now what? First you will want to discuss the issue with the drywall contractor, and ask them to pay for it. Any legit contractor will either pay you for the damage or have their insurance take care of it. That is what general liability insurance is for. You can get their insurance information off of their CCB license page.

After you have checked their license and they have all the proper insurance requirements, the next step is to check their references. What should you look for?
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