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Selecting a Commercial Portland Drywall contractor is more involved than the residential process. You have to look at several other areas (if you job requires them). These areas are: metal stud framing, insulation, and acoustical ceilings. Not only does your contractor need to be a master of drywall, but they must be a master of these other areas.

When it comes to this type of work, your commercial portland drywall contractor needs to be very good at smooth finishes. The type of smooth finish needs to be level 5. There are some smooth wall jobs that only need level 4 finish, but most are level 5. What is level 5 finish?

Check out the levels of finish guide to get a clear understanding on what the different levels of finish are. Some companies are not good at smooth finishes. A common mistake being made right now by many companies, is that they are bidding to low.

Many commercial Portland drywall contractors are bidding extremely low and it is showing in the finish. Smooth wall is very time intensive. If you do not have the right amount of time figured, it will show in the quality. For smooth finish, the old saying really applies..... "You get what you pay for!"

Man power is important. For small jobs this is not mandatory. If your project is more than 100 sheets, you will need to ask the portland drywall company if they can man up. You do not want them delaying your finish date.

Often on commercial projects, you need to install and finish drywall access doors or drywall access panels.

They can be very time consuming to install.

Some do not look very good and should not be used in highly visible areas.

All quality commercial drywall contractors can point you in the right direction for the correct panels for your application.

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