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Selecting a Portland drywall company can be difficult and time consuming. This site will help you in selecting the right company for the job. It will also help you with the common mistakes made in the selection process. There are 5 areas that you need to focus on when you start the selection process.


#1 - Contractor License. You must make sure that the Portland drywall company has their CCB (Oregon Construction Contractors Board) license and it is current. This is one of the easiest ways to save yourself time and money on your project. Interviews with homeowners and general contractors all say the same thing. "Why did I forget to check and make sure that they were licensed?" If or when you encounter a problem, or issue, the CCB can help. How do you check their license?

#2 - Quality Control. You want to go and look at Portland drywall companies work. This is a must. The proof is in the quality of their work. Ask for at least three different job sites where you can inspect their work. Any good drywall contractor will have a minimum of three jobs in progress or jobs they have completed. If their quality is not up to your standards, you can remove them from your list. 70% of the finish in the average home is the drywall. With such a high percentage, do not settle for poor quality. How do you identify a poor quality job and what do you look for when performing a quality control check?

#3 - References. You want to call current and past customers. Ask the following questions: Did they start and finish when they said they would? (How many days should your job take? Click Here.) Did they give you a written estimate with a detailed scope of work? (What items need to be included on the scope of work? Click Here.) Did they mask your job and protect your contents? Did they clean up after they finished? What else should you ask and look for when checking references?

#4 - Subs and Materials. Do you want to pay twice for the labor and/or materials? If your portland drywall contractor hires a subcontractor and does not pay them, you may have to pay the subcontractor. The same is true for the materials. Now, this is a big problem if you have already paid for the labor or material. How can you protect yourself? Make sure you get lien releases from all subcontractors and material suppliers. Ask your portland drywall contractor if they hired any subcontractors and get a list of all material suppliers.

#5 - Insurance. What if your Portland drywall contractor has an accident? What happens if they catch your house on fire or break a pipe? What happens if some one is injured? If they do not have all of their insurance (general liability or workers compensation) you could be liable for any claims. How can you protect yourself? Make sure you check their license and review their insurance.

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